Water saving tips

We live in the driest inhabited continent on earth, with Aussies everywhere facing widespread drought. Yet, Australia's water consumption is still among the highest in the world!

We should all be thinking about ways to save water, especially in our own homes. Saving water means protecting our natural environment, and cutting back your water bills. Have a look below at some tips to help you:

Around the house:

1. Fix leaking taps. Did you know a tap that drips twice a minute will waste more than 3.5L over the course of a week?

2. Keep bottles of cold water in the fridge, or make use of those full ice cube trays pushed to the back of your freezer! Having cold water at the ready saves you running the tap while you wait for it to get cool.

3. Don't use your dishwasher or washing machine for half-full loads. If you desperately need to use the machine bu can't fill it, be sure to adjust the settings accordingly.

In the bathroom:

4. Invest in water-saving technology in your bathroom. There's a range of shower heads and taps designed to save water. If you're not sure about the specific products, get in touch with our knowledgeable team for advice.

5. Use the half flush button on your toilet, where possible.

6. Limit your showers. Three to four minutes is a good rule of thumb - if you play music while you shower, try to keep it to only one or two songs.

7. Avoid leaving the tap running while you brush your teeth. Colgate recommends taking three minutes to properly clean your teeth - if every member of the household is doing this twice a day, you can end up wasting quite a bit of water!


8. Wash your car on grass if possible. The front yard will love water run-off and you'll be knocking over two jobs at once.

9. Use a watering can rather than a hose on your garden. Not only is the pressure of a hosepipe too much for some plants, but they can use up to 1,000 litres of water an hour. Making sure you only water in the early morning and late afternoon can also reduce evaporation, saving water.

10. Use mulch, bark chips, compost and/or straw in your garden to keep the bed moist without excessive watering.

Need a plumber to help you make the most of your water? Contact us or give us a call today on 1300 616 376.

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