When to avoid DIY plumbing

It's always tempting to try and fix your plumbing problems yourself to keep costs low. There are certainly some smaller jobs that are relatively easy to tackle with DIY, like some clogged drains and small leaks. However, there's other issues that should definitely be left to the professionals. When it comes to problems in the following areas, it's best to get in touch with our team first are foremost.

Hot water units

Hot water units (HWU) are quite complex pieces of equipment, so if issues arise with your system we highly recommend that you have a professional check it out. Trying to repair a gas or electric HWU on your own can put you in serious danger. Plus, you also risk causing damage to the equipment or your property. Not to mention inexperienced DIY on such complicated equipment can end up costing more money in the long run. Same goes with HWU installation - it's much more than simply connecting a few hoses and pipes. The right know how from an experienced professional could be the difference between a proper installation and some serious injuries and/or damage to your property.

Low water pressure

Low water pressure seems like an easy DIY job, so it's something a lot of people take on themselves. But we often mind this issue to be caused by other, bigger and more serious problems. Our team can help you get to the root of the issue and fix it for good.

Stormwater drain problems

It's important that your stormwater system has been designed and installed correctly to avoid leak and flood risks. If your stormwater drainage isn't functioning properly, there's a chance erosion is involved. If the waterways have been worn down, chemicals could leak in where they're not supposed to. If you have any doubts about the stormwater at your property, you should have a professional to investigate as soon as possible.

Sewage issues

When it comes to sewage problems, it's often a bigger and more complex issue than it seems. Sewage issues can cause significant damage if not taken care of properly - not to mention the unpleasant smell they tends to bring with it.

Hiring a plumber can sometimes be costly but trust us; a job done incorrectly will cost a lot more to fix. If you're ever unsure if DIY is appropriate, simply just give us a call and we can send out a member of the team if you're not confident enough to go it alone.

We're available for Emergency Plumbing 24/7 - Call 1300 616 376 (Option 1) or get a quote today!

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