Plumbing advice for home buyers

If you don't properly maintain your plumbing systems, it can get quite expensive when it comes to fixing or replacing them. When buying a new property, you need to consider the plumbing as one of your major priorities. Have a look at this checklist and try to find answers to every question before you decide to buy:

🗸 When was it last serviced?

Find out the last time any changes or maintenance was made to the system, and why. These pipes hold your drinking water - you want to make sure it's up to standard! Make sure you know all the necessary details.

🗸 When was the most recent inspection?

When did you last inspect the house? And on the professional side of things, when was the system last inspected by a plumber?

🗸 How old?

If you're moving into an older house, it's likely the plumbing system is quite aged, too. Ask how long the house has been standing and if the plumbing has been renovated or updated since then. Did you know lead-based solder on brass fittings or copper pipes was used up until the 1980s? It's worth checking the home's history for possible hazards like this.

🗸 Do the taps work?

If you don't check all the plumbing systems when you inspect the house, you risk getting stuck with low pressure showers, leaky taps, toilets without a proper flush, or worse! Test all baths, showers, toilets and other taps to make sure they work. Keep an eye on water pressure too! Does the toilet flush properly? And refill completely? How's the pressure in the shower? If it's not up to standard, is it the plumbing or the shower head?

🗸 How's the hot water system?

Once you've checked the water works, it's time to make sure it heats up properly! Firstly, check where the hot water system is located. You need to make sure it won't cause too much damage if it bursts (outside is best). You should also check all the pipes running to and from the system - make sure they connect properly and there's no leaks. Finally, you need to ensure the current system can keep up with the number of people moving in. If you have more tenants than what the house had prior,the system may not be able to work as well with the higher demand. This is especially true in Winter!

🗸 Are the pipes safe?

Check that the pipes are in a safe location and away from possible damage. Make sure there's no rust, corrosion or leaks. Also keep an eye out for any spots that look like they've been doctored - if there was a problem before, there could be again!

🗸 Is there any issues with the drainage?

If you suspect any issues with the property, communicate with the real estate and (in necessary) get a professional in to give the place a once-over. Our friendly team can help you with jobs like this - get a quote today.

If you're still unsure, or you have further questions, get in contact with us today!

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