Got A Leak? Things You Can Check Yourself Before Calling a Plumber.......

When a leak appears at our property, our immediate reaction is to panic and call a plumber. However, that might not be necessary, and you might save yourself some cash just by looking out for the following things:

- Warn Out Seals

This is only in relation to toilets, sinks, fridges and dishwashers. Simply by replacing these seals you can solve your issue!

- Blocked Drains

More-so a preventative measure, keeping your bathroom and kitchen drains free from debris helps to stop excessive pressure in the pipes which can then lead to leaks.

- High Water Pressure

If it’s noisy when you turn on your taps, then this may be because you have extremely high-water pressure. This could cause leaks, as more water than is possible is trying to come out of the tap. Installing an anti-hammer valve will help (a plumber can help you do this). Decreasing water pressure will expand the life of your taps.

- Faulty Valves

It is common for leaks to happen due to faulty temperature relief valves or pressure relief valves. If you know where the valves are, simply lift the lever a couple of times to get rid of blockages. If there are no more leaks, then problem solved! But if the leaks continue you may need to call your plumber and have the valves replaced (especially if they look old).

Some leaks are pretty easy to fix yourself but don't hesitate to give us a call if you need to ask any questions, we're here to help!

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