Blocked Drains & How to Avoid Them

Often an unwelcome inconvenience, blocked drains are the most common maintenance call-outs that we receive here at Shaw Plumbing. But just by following these useful tips you can help to avoid those unnecessary costs:

- Don't put food scraps down the sink! It's very tempting to just wash away those last bits of food rather than scrape them into the bin, but here's an interesting fact for you; rice is actually the biggest cause of clogging up drains in the kitchen!!

- Try to keep plug holes in bathrooms and kitchens as clean as possible. These two rooms are usually the culprit when blockages occur at a property so keeping on top of them is a great start to avoiding blockages altogether. It might be worth investing in a strainer plug for the kitchen to stop any food scraps slipping through. Also in the bathroom, keep an eye on how much hair is going down the drain, as this can slowly build up over time.

- Only put toilet paper down the toilet! Things like sanitary products, wipes, paper towels and nappies need to be discarded into a bin. Even if the packaging states that the item is flushable, we always recommend against this. These products are unable to break down in drains and are very like to cause blockages. Something simple that you could do to prevent family members from doing this, is put a small bin next to the toilet so that these items can be disposed of quickly and easily.

- Put coffee grains in the garden and not down the sink. Similar to rice, coffee grains seem tiny at the time but once they clump together they can prove disastrous for your drains. Also, what's the point of wasting them down the sink when they can do wonders for your garden!

- It's a no-brainer but people still do it; do not dispose of grease and oil down the drain! In cold temperatures oil hardens and clumps together causing drains to become blocked. It's an easy option to pour it down the sink and seems harmless at the time but try putting it straight into the bin instead. If this is too inconvenient or messy then another option is to put it in the freezer until it hardens and then put it in the bin.

"Too late... my drain is blocked!" Don't worry we're her for you 24/7, and we have the latest camera & jetting equipment to diagnose and fix your problem.

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