Do I Need An Upgrade?

There's definitely a chill in the air, which means our Hot Water Systems will be getting a good daily workout. Most quality Hot Water Systems last 10 years or more but some of the lesser known brands may not make the cut which is why it's a good idea to keep a close eye (and ear) on your unit before you get caught out. Here's a few helpful tips from Shaw Plumbing:

We all know it's costly to replace a Hot Water System but if your house has grown and your HWS hasn't then you may need to replace it earlier than expected. More bathrooms and more washing machine use mean more work for your HWS.

Have you ever noticed discoloured water when you've ran a bath or you're in the shower?

This could be a sign of corrosion/rust inside the unit or a build up of sediment inside the tank. You will need your plumber to check out the reasoning behind this and to see what the next step is.

Does your unit make loud noises?

This could also be due to a build up of sediment and is caused by bubbles escaping from beneath the sediment making banging noises. Sediment can easily be drained from a tank and the sooner you do this the better so as to prevent long term damage and corrosion.

If your system is leaking then this needs to be attended to ASAP! Not only can it cause damage to itself but if it's located inside your dwelling then damage can be caused to the surrounding areas, generating more costs. Leaks can also lead to mould and mildew which can have bad health effects on those nearby. The most common causes of leaks are from the inlet/outlet connections and the pressure relief valve. Or if it is an old system it may be coming from the tank itself.

Lastly, if it feels like you're continually calling your plumber to sort out problems with your HWS then save yourself some money and upgrade to a new one! Not only will it save you in maintenance costs but having a modern and more efficient unit is likely to save you hundreds on future power bills......... also, nobody likes a cold shower in winter.

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